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Halloween Recap and November Promotional Opportunities

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Halloween Giveaway! Across all our platforms, we saw great success this Halloween season. Halloween day we processed a total of 13,723 submissions and reported 417,415 page views. The winners of the Halloween giveaway had the most page views and content submissions. Way to go WAGA-Fox Atlanta, KTRK-Houston, and WWBT-Richmond! NEW: Blocked Senders Block unwanted senders from submitting content With the new Blocked Senders tool, CJ clients can...

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Product Updates and News

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Q3 Recap Tech In Q3 the we released exciting new features like Instagram social integration, two new Report pages, and the Email Engagement Responder. Other updates included performance enhancements to the Content Moderation and Channels Management pages. Future Here’s a few things on our road map for the months ahead; mobile friendly gallery pages, responsive widget designs, and user enhancements to the contest tool. New Clients We’d like to give a big welcome to a few new...

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Instagram Announcement and Platform Updates

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  To get this information directly in your inbox, subscribe to our monthly newsletters! Instagram Feature Release Similar to our Twitter and Facebook integrations, the stand alone Instagram feature allows clients to import content to their platforms from #hashtags posted to the online social sharing tool. Visit the Social Import Mappings section to learn how to enable this new feature. Dev Team Spotlight Andrew the Code Maven Who’s crankin’...

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Back-To-School Increases Page Views and Content Submissions

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According to data from comScore Inc.’s Media Metrix service, back-to-school promotions drove much of July’s Web traffic. Consumers geared up for the August back-to-school month visiting clothing sites, consumer goods sites and online coupon services for back-to-school shopping. While we’re not in the back-to-school shopping biz, we’re getting a taste of the web madness as our clients showcase photos of students on their first day back in the classroom. Submissions of excited kindergartners, high school seniors, and the...

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Integrating with Social Feeds

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We all have seen how social media is changing the way news is being gathered and reported. Which makes sense, right? More than half of the population participates in some form of social networking and the average person, with smartphone in hand of course, is far more likely than newsroom staff to be in a position to report information about a crisis as it unfolds. With recent events like the Boston bombings and hurricane Sandy, social media played an integrate role as news teams took to Facebook timelines and Twitter streams to find relevant...

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Building an Online Success Community

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Our clients are always asking us what other clients are doing with the Cell Journalist platform and since their success is pretty important to us we decided to build an online success community. Now, CJ clients can interact with several outlets to become better platform performers or what we, Cell Journalist, like to call “UGC Masters.” Last month we rolled out a new page on the Cell Journalist Support site called Client Success. It’s an addition to our Knowledge Base section which holds articles written by CJ staff members on the ends...

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We’re Hiring!

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Operations/Support Specialist Nashville, TN As part of our team, you’ll work directly with our clients and partners to help make our product more successful. You’ll be creating personal and memorable experiences for our clients. Internally, you’ll work with our development team to make sure our product is client-worthy and meets those changing needs. As an ideal candidate, you have the following skills: * You have the ability to make basic modifications to a website’s design using CSS * You understand the basic elements...

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NAB 2013 Recap

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We have finally recovered from NAB, this year was even better than last.  As usual it was very busy for the Cell Journalist team with 15 meetings in 2.5 days.  We spent most of our time in our hospitality suite at the Encore, where we met with new clients, existing clients and strategic partners. Even though most of our time was spent away from the show floor, we were able to find time on Wednesday afternoon to visit our partners. I was very impressed with our Vizrt integration. Being able to see it live on the touchscreen brought it to...

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Cell Journalist signs up 17 Media General Stations

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With the first quarter wrapping up and spring rolling in, we’ve ended this quarter by signing up 17 Media General stations. Among the group are several stations operating in Top 40 markets and as a whole the company’s stations reach 27.5 percent of the television households in the Southeast, and more than 8 percent of U.S. television households. “We are excited to be launching the latest version of the Cell Journalist UGC platform with the 17 Media General Stations,” said Parker Polidor, Cell Journalist CEO. “These stations will be...

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Newsroom UGC Cycle

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So we all know the adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in the newsroom this statement couldn’t be more true. Photos and videos are used alongside news reporting to give the audience a clear visualization of what’s happening. When breaking news and weather events occur station’s scurry to find that perfect piece of content to add to their news report. A partnered station in Tampa, Florida, recently reported a brush fire outbreak and below we’ve pieced together an example on how the flow of user generated content was...

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