September’s hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires

September has been a natural disaster trifecta with Hurricane Irene, Texas Wildfires and PA Flooding. In the first two weeks of September, over 20,000 images/videos have been submitted across our network. It’s interesting to see how the public covers different events:

  1. Hurricane Irene: We definitely saw more videos being submitted than usual, video is a better medium to capture wind and flooding.
  2. Texas Wildfires: This was primarily a photo event that was captured on cell phones and submitted via email and mobile apps.
  3. PA Flooding: This event has a real long tail, content and traffic are STILL coming in over a week after the rain ended. People returned to their homes after evacuation and then shared what they are experiencing.

One common theme with all of these events, was that the TV stations were issuing on air call to actions and showcasing content on air. The sure fire way to get content from your audience is to make it fast and easy to submit and to then showcase the best content on air.

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