Moneitzation Opportunities

That deliver results for you and your customers.

No Revenue Sharing

Our platform provides multiple advertising formats that can deliver a positive ROI. Clients retain
100% of the advertising they sell, no commissions, no complicated accounting and no barter

Display Ads

Client banner inventory on each page on the platform includes one 728 x 90 leaderboard, one
300 x 250 cube and customizable footers.

Channel Sponsorship

Channels can be sold separately or on a run of site basis. Ad sizes and graphics are totally
customizable. Increase value for your advertisers by providing targeted demographics. Weather,
News, Sports, Kids, Pets…or create a campaign specific channel.


Our Sponsored Contests allow your sales team to create fun, interactive marketing packages
that build client-customer relationships. Registration data can be tailored to build a valuable database of qualified leads. Rules and terms of service are determined by you and your clients.